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    5.5.2014 You are not allowed to give a book “From boarding school, to success” by Rostislav Goljeljuk. He wrote the book based on his own experience. He shares his experiences, his misstakes etc, so the young people of… Read More ›


Children’s Embassy continues to help families in Piski and in the surrounding villages , but we are also helping to save children from war zones in eastern Ukraine! Many children in the affected areas in eastern Ukraine has begun to… Read More ›


Stuart is visiting us One of my reality check posts so if you’re uncomfortable with your privileged position in the world best skip this:)Today we will deliver some basic food stuffs to some of the poorer families around the area.Now… Read More ›

Children in Ukraine

This is a summary for you, who don’t have a FB account. This  is  what wrote on our Children’s EMbassy page – week 10. 7th  of March 2014 Will there be war? Political events in Ukraine remain in second place…. Read More ›


Haver team reports from Piski: “Summer is as the best. Our team is already back at work after the holidays., We are planning work with families, and right now we are doing some work outside.” This year’s harvest is great…. Read More ›