Friend’s House

Last week events

Update from Adolphi foundation FB page 18 October I love Friends House I like “Friends House – Haver.” We can always get help with homework from school, and we also do a lot of crafts. Now is the golden autumn… Read More ›


This is a short summary of the past week, what we written in our Facebook Photo and report – Svetlana Oschadhuk “I am very grateful for those people who have helped our family. I could buy shoes and new coats… Read More ›


Now the children have gone to summer camp. It was exciting with the escalator. Many of the children were scared, how would you get on and off. MacDonald was of course also a new experience, and then of course the… Read More ›

Yet another obstacle overcome.

Dear friends, The Children’s Rights Comissariat, Yurij Pavlenko, mandated by the President of Ukraine, has put a stop to Bobrovitsa County’s plans to remove the children from “Friends house” and replace them into the state orphanage. August 19, 2011, The… Read More ›


Photo Stuart Holden Mankind are like plants of the field, some blossom, some wither. – Talmud, Eiruvin Ukrainian flag – blue and yellow represent blue skies above yellow wheat fields. Photo: Stuart Holden Stuart Holden a photographer from England visited… Read More ›

Where is your long curly hair now?

I noticed that especially boys hairs  have grown far too long. We decided to go for a haircut at the same time on Sunday when we go to church meeting in Kiev.  Boas saw Sasha’s tousle hair, and told the children of his youth,the time when he was a musician. Then he too had long hair. He played at  Olle Erixon Orchestra. 1987they took part in the dance orchestra contest on TV,… Read More ›