Children’s stories

Path of life

Everyone has their own

It can be compared to a river

-sometimes quiet

-sometimes fast flowing

-sometimes clear

-sometimes muddy

Everyone has a choice

-some just go with the current

-some that fight against the current

take up the cause of the children

What shall we do now?

Behind the children are a locked door.

Like fledgling birds they are pushed into the cruel reality

with weak and underdeveloped wings.

They ask: “What is it like, our future?


It was raining.

The wind was howling between the trees.

It was cold.

The tree hungry children were standing at the roadside

clutching their favorite toys to keep them getting wet.

And between these powerful trees, under the open sky,

the tree children took shelter ,

and when they were hungry they stole.

to be continued  …


5 replies

  1. please visit my blog and leave a message with your visit at the c-box, thanks

  2. God bless you and Boas for what you are doing … and continue trying to do. Fighting the legal system is so difficult. I pray you WIN!

  3. The reality needs to be told! Thank you for your boldness!

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