Children’s Home – my experience Photo: Mirjam Adolphi   Since my first contact with Mirjam, Boas and the children back in Autumn last year I have managed several short visits but finally in June I was able to stay for… Read More ›

Corruption and bureaucracy

These two words, unfortunately, are the reality in Ukraine. Perhaps you remember the fundraising last summer for Oksana’s operation. We thank everyone who participated and wish to tell you that enough was raised to meet our goal. Thank you again…. Read More ›

Thiefs and cops

After morning-doings The youths are waking up about 6 AM in the morning. They are preparing their own breakfast and getting ready for the day. 7.45 it is morningprayer for everyone. At 8 o’clock the youths start their workingday, which… Read More ›

A fresh breeze from Canada

21 students  and 3 leaders visited  Friends House in Ukraine.  Their  goal  was  to help. WE  are  very  greatful  for  their  help  and  friendship. We are Calgary Academy students from Canada who are participating in the International Travel Studies program… Read More ›