Children’s Embassy, Ukraine


Children’s Embassy continues to help families in Piski and in the surrounding villages , but we are also helping to save children from war zones in eastern Ukraine! Many children in the affected areas in eastern Ukraine has begun to… Read More ›


Stuart is visiting us One of my reality check posts so if you’re uncomfortable with your privileged position in the world best skip this:)Today we will deliver some basic food stuffs to some of the poorer families around the area.Now… Read More ›

Children in Ukraine

This is a summary for you, who don’t have a FB account. This  is  what wrote on our Children’s EMbassy page – week 10. 7th  of March 2014 Will there be war? Political events in Ukraine remain in second place…. Read More ›


There are many Ukrainian children, who over the years have come to know Swedes who have helped them. The children are proud of their Swedish friends. Happy National Day! Boas & Mirjam Adolphi