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Hi I am Mirjam from Finland, but live in Ukraine. Founder of Children's Embassy and Adolphi Foundation in Ukraine.
Helping children in Ukraine.

Photography is my hobby.

  • In eastern Ukraine children suffer as fighting breaks water supply

    In eastern Ukraine children suffer as fighting breaks water supply We hope and pray that there would be peace. Advertisements

  • Brådskande

    Dramatisk utveckling av situationen i Östra Ukraina. Vi måste skynda på vår insamling för krigets offer.  Katja, Sveta och pastor Viktor måste åka till Harkov, i Östra Ukraina redan i morgon kväll med tåget. Situationen har förändrats dramatiskt. På lördagen… Read More ›


    Här är en sammanfattning av det vi publicerat på Facebook under veckan. 28.06.2014 Konstitutionsdagen Ukraina firar sin konstitutions dag i dag den 28.06. Vi önskar frid och framgång !!! Tanja V   27.06.2014 Footbollen Fotbollen och sporten förenar barn som… Read More ›

  • Weekly update FB

        5.5.2014 You are not allowed to give a book “From boarding school, to success” by Rostislav Goljeljuk. He wrote the book based on his own experience. He shares his experiences, his misstakes etc, so the young people of… Read More ›


    Stuart is visiting us One of my reality check posts so if you’re uncomfortable with your privileged position in the world best skip this:)Today we will deliver some basic food stuffs to some of the poorer families around the area.Now… Read More ›

  • Children in Ukraine

    This is a summary for you, who don’t have a FB account. This  is  what wrote on our Children’s EMbassy page – week 10. 7th  of March 2014 Will there be war? Political events in Ukraine remain in second place…. Read More ›


    Photo taken with mobile phone: Tanya Tanya our team member is reporting from Kyiv. “It’s really very much people on Maydan. Everybody remembered orange revolution 2004 when we lived there on Maydan.