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  • Our friend Anja in serious condition.

    Last night we found out that our friend Anja, 23 years have received some nasty bacteria in one lung that made her unconscious. She lies in ICU at the hospital in Kiev,  and they are doing right now analyzes and… Read More ›

  • The children are secured. No governmental Internat!

    Our team makes a renovation of an apartment in Kiev.  It was in such a bad condition, so the, social people threatened to take the children to an internat. But because of your sponsring, and thanks to our teams dedication to make… Read More ›

  • A summary of the first week 2014

    A summary from Facebook first week 2014 7.1.2014 Merry Christmas! Today 7th of January, Ukraine celebrates Christmas, according the Julian calendar. Receive the Christmas Greeting;  Rejoice! The Son is born! 6.1.2014 THE JOY OF GIVING! Viktor and Sveta in action…. Read More ›

  • Ukraine in Turmoil!

    We ask for help in the emergency situation currently prevailing in Ukraine! We have been in contact with Boas & Mirjam right now in Kiev, Ukraine. They have there a week now,to be there for the kids and the team…. Read More ›

  • This week 02.12-02.08

    6.12.2013 By  Mirjam. Due tho the current situation in Ukraine, we have not updated much on our sites. Most of  the activities, happens in  center of Kiev. We are all ok, no wounds. In the village Piski everything is calm… Read More ›

  • This week

    29.11. by Katarina Voloshin Good News Our Anja, whom we helped many years, and who have lived a tuff life with many difficulties, is now living  a better life. She and her two children have suffered much, but now they… Read More ›

  • This week!

    Do you want to be a child sponsor? 8.11.2013, by Katja Yesterday was a little child born to this world. The mother is only 16. Tomorrow they will arrive from the hospital, to their home. We will meet them and… Read More ›