Boas Adolphi, founder and pastor for the children

Boas favorite Bible verse:

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:7

Boas comes originally from Sweden and has been 20 years in Ukraine
Before Ukraine, Boas was working in TV and Radio, he was sound engineer. He also was a dance-band musician in Sweden.

In Friend’s House Boas is a Grandfather figure, just to be there, is his favorite sayings – the theology of beeing.

Viktor Skripets, Local Director of Friends House

Has been a sport instructor in the school and football coach.

Viktor is like father figure to the children. The children learn to do everyday things together with Viktor.

He is also training a football team, the children from the village are coming to the Friends House 3-4 times a week to play football.

Viktor takes also care about the practical issues like: house, reparations, negotiations with authorities …
He is well known and respected person in the village.

Nadezhda Litvin, teacher

She has 40 years experience of children. She was working in a local Internat (boarding school for children with Mental Retardation/Intellectual Disability). This Internat was closed by authorities. She became a widow, and she just sat in her little house in a village. She just waited – to die. Nadya was missing the children and she doesn’t care even if she needs to walk or come with bicyckle 10 kilometers every day, to come to Friends House. Education is one of the most important things we can give to the children, says Nadya.

Lyidmila Schevchenko, lawyer

Legal matters takes lots of our time and efforts. Lyidmila keeps track on changes in Ukraine law.

Every child need to have their own legal profile. It’s hard work to get the children’s documents:birth-certification, registration documents, medical documents, information about parents …

Lyidmila is also following up our teenagers who are studying in Kyiv.
She is consult for our Young mothers and children project in Kyiv.
Lyudmila is training the team about legal issues, what we all need to know about.

Molly our dog, therapist

All her life she has been serving children, often she works together with our psychologist.

Molly followed us on the streets. She was with us when we had our first home for the children. Street children couldn’t sing – Molly could. In Friend’s House Molly has always been the therapist. When a child cries, Molly cries together with the child. When children has difficult to sleep, she sleeps together with the child. Serving the Lord, it’s not so difficult, says Molly. I just do what is natural, even my snoring on the neck of the child, is love in action!

You must hear this story

Molly got a tick. She became very ill, she couldn’t move, her legs didn’t carry her. She just fell down.
We started to cry.
– “Maybe we could pray for her?”, says one of the street children.
– “Yes, of course,” we said.
She starts praying: ” Dear God, thank you for the food and for the hands who prepared it. Amen.
We looked at one another, smiled… and to our biggest surprise Molly jumped up and there was nothing wrong anymore!


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