The Christmas of all Christmas!

viktor ja dasha

Photo: Dasja and Viktor. The  help is important, but more important is LOVE.


One evening we saw on the news, how it flows of refugees from the war zone in east Ukraine, to Kiev and to other parts of Ukraine. We decided to celebrate Christmas in Kiev, and familiarize ourselves about the situation.

Kiev pleased us as tourists, but the real Christmas began then, when we got together with Boaz and Miriam visit young mothers, widows, large families and refugees.

Poverty cut in our hearts, but the children’s sparkling eyes and families with warmth and love for each other touched us deeply. It warmed our hearts, when we saw how former street children now manages with great responsibility and energy to work to take care of others.

Returned home after our Christmas trip, we listened to a sermon on Childermas day. Baby Jesus had received its first bed in a manger in a stable, the world’s rulers persecuted him and forced the family to flee. Distress and pain was also known for the Holy Family.

The best Christmas of all Christmas! As a gift we received many new experiences and new godchild.

Oili and Hannu Räsänen, Kerava







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