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You are not allowed to give a book


“From boarding school, to success” by Rostislav Goljeljuk. He wrote the book based on his own experience. He shares his experiences, his misstakes etc, so the young people of today not would make the same mistake as he did.

It’s a good book, but-but … we could just not just give the book just like that. We have to get permission from the regional school administration to give the book as a gift to children in a boarding school.

We hope that we success in getting permission, so the children can receive an important book for them.


Viktor S.



Pray together with us


We ask all our friends to join us in prayer. We are worried about the safety of children and how they are affected by all the terrible things that happens in war areas in Eastern Ukraine. According to UNICEF, is already seven children wounded. The youngest is only four years.

Tanja V.



Thank you for the clothes and presents

We are grateful to Agneta Bergström, Children’s Hope/ Novy Dom, for all those wonderful clothes and things for this family, who had to flee from Dzershinkij (in Eastern Ukraine) the family send a big thank you

Katja V 



Now, we are in the process of preparing a playground for the children who have been forced to flee from Eastern Ukraine and lives with us in Friends ‘ House.
Viktor S



Thank you for the food and for the cake


Thank you all who support this family home. We are grateful that we have the possibility to make them happy. Here we gratulate Kiril on his 9 years birthday.We also brought food products to this big family


I går besökte vi ett familjehem och hade med oss mat till denna stora familj.




Internationel Children’s Day


First of June, was a celebration on international children’s day. We wish all children to be happy, and to live on a peaceful earth. May the Lord bless you all, who helps children.

Tanja V





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