News this week, when spring is nocking on the door.




Every morning starts with a prayer together. We meet at Skype. We pray for Ukraine, for children, for families…

Many of our friends are not in Ukraine, but their hearts are here with us.
Tanja V.




Blessed sponsor programs.
First we arranged so this family got water indoors. Previously, the mother had to walk 100 meters to fetch water. In the family there are four children and a cow, geese and chickens. Yesterday they got a washing machine. The Joy was highly expressed. Hurray! A big thanks to the sponsors for this family.

Катя / Katya.







After a long time in the hospital the mother could return home with their newborn child (1.2 kg). Premature Vasilisja feel good now. We rejoice for it.

Thanks to your support we were able to put linoleum on the floor. A big thank you to you.

Children need bunk. Now the sleeping on the floor.

Children’s Embassy
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Cвета / Sveta



Last week the children learned to work with salt dough. The theme is – Easter. Each child tries on their way to express their thoughts.
When the dough becomes dry, then we paint them, cover with paint and exhibit their creations in Friends House.
Катя / Katja



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