Children in Ukraine

This is a summary for you, who don’t have a FB account. This  is  what wrote on our Children’s EMbassy page – week 10.

7th  of March 2014

Will there be war?


Political events in Ukraine remain in second place. Psychologically it is difficult to understand why there are another country’s soldiers.

Therefore, I have all the time in the restless feeling. It is hard to concentrate on anything. The ideas revolve around war-or not tomorrow?

Viktor Віктор Skripets/Скрипець

5th of March

Children’s pictures of Ukraine


This is how the children described their Ukraine. Sunny and laughing clouds above their heads. There is no violence and bloodshed.

We believe and hope that our government fills the children’s desire and that the children can live in a free and peaceful Ukraine. The children are our future.

Таня В. / Tanja V.

4th of March 2014

Is it true that there will be war?

The last events in Ukraine has not only affected adults’ lives, but also the children. The children have begun to question not at all childish questions. Is it true that there will be war? In their eyes you can see fear, fear that their parents may die.

We pray for Ukraine, we ask for it to be no more bloodshed and no more to die. Children can not be happy when they see all this,



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