A Family In Desperat need.

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Emergency situation. They live in a house without electricity ,,,,It is cold,, The social authorities does not give any help.familjen_novyij-bassanj

This is truly a family who need our help.

The family live in a house without electricity, due to unpaid bills.They have two children, father is sick grandmother is paralyzed, and it is only the mother who works. Her salary is very low. She buys medicines for grandmother and the husband. There is almost no money left for food, and obvesley  no money, for the electric bills. They where desperat. Three months they lived without electricity.

When the mother heard that we would pay her bill, and also give basic food product to the family, she was overwhelmed. her eyes were filled with tears of you and happiness.

“This is a miracle, it is difficult to believe that there are people,that help just like that. ”

I knew once again, that we are doing an important job.

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Viktor Skripets


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