The children are secured. No governmental Internat!

Our team makes a renovation of an apartment in Kiev.  It was in such a bad condition, so the,

social people threatened to take the children to an internat.

But because of your sponsring, and thanks to our teams dedication to make a nice home,the children are allowed,

by the social authorities to stay in their home.


The mother lives in this one room flat, with a daughter one year, and a son four years old, and yet another baby to be born soon.

She lost her husband some weeks ago. A tragedy, and now all her strength is gone.  What about the children?

No wallpaper on the walls, the flat was in a mess.

But now she can see a light in the darkness!

Thank you all of you who heard our emergency call for this family.  We where able to by basic food products for the family.


Katja enjoyes to help the family.


Tanja show her skills she learned at the builders school


Also Vitja and Viktor helps to make a nice apartment


Another emergency call for the family.

The children needs to see a doctor, for medical treatment
We also need  a sponsor to the four year old boy.  


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