This week 02.12-02.08


By  Mirjam.

Due tho the current situation in Ukraine, we have not updated much on our sites. Most of  the activities, happens in  center of Kiev.

We are all ok, no wounds.

In the village Piski everything is calm and peaceful. The children attend school as usual

Situation in Ukraine has transitioned from a peaceful demonstration meeting to an extensive public meeting. People cry RE-VO LU CI-JA


. We are monitoring the situation and have  had several meetings with the team, to have a plan B.

The situation is tense and nobody knows what will happen. Sunday, December 8, is it expected  to be a big crowd in Kiev, where try to collect

One million participants.


By Katja

The first Snowman

ensimmäinen lumiukkko



This is what they call everything connected with the demonstrations around the Ukraine.

We are monitoring all  Majdan’s thats going on in different places, where people are re writing the history of their country.

One thing we can do, is pray. Pray with us for Ukraine. For peace, and for the future of the children.

Signed: Mirjam Boas and the whole team.


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