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29.11. by Katarina Voloshin

Good News

Our Anja, whom we helped many years, and who have lived a tuff life with many difficulties,

is now living  a better life. She and her two children have suffered much, but now they have a home and she has a job.

And now we rejoice.  Anja is getting married.

This is wonderful.

 27.11  by. Viktor Skripets

 Record harvest in Ukraine


  • Ukraine this year had a record harvest. More than 60 Billion
  • tons of seed from the fields.
  • Even though the fields now are wet and moddy, the harvesting continues to get all from the” Golden black soil”
  • Viktor Skripets

 26.11.2013 by Tanja

Kristinas birthday


It is Christinas birthday, and everybody is happy.  We wish her all the best, and may her dreams come true.


Changes of roles!


Student teach teacher!?

Now in my older age, I decided to learn to work with a computer
Always when I have a spare moment, i am trying to do something with the computer.

Jura who actually is one of my students, is teaching me how to really understand how to use a computer

Надія Литвин – Nadja Litvin


Mirjams comment

Bravo Nadja. She is our teacher in the Friends House. After forty years in a state orphanage, she was out of a job because the orphanage was closed. She became a widow, was home alone and just waited … Then she came to the Friends House, and now children are learning her computer!


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