What’s happening, week 47

24.11.2013 av Katja

A true story

a child:

-Raysa Mikolayvna, look here.

-What is this?



-You wanted to see my parents …

24.11.2013 by Katja

New year cards


Also in “Friends House” children are doing New Year Cards. I see how the children are writing the most beautiful words to their sponsors.

21.11.2013 by Tanja

Now there are busy times in making New year cards.
Our children want to wish all their sponsors a Happy New Year.

They are doing their very best in creating this cards, and even envelopes. Fantastic
We are very sure that the sponsors will enjoy this treat from the children.

20.11.2013 by Viktor Skripets

There are good people in this world

A family of seven lived in a house for many years, but they did not own the house legally.
To arrange all the legal documents of ownership, lawyer,court, etc they needed money, which they didn’t have.
They are now so grateful to God, that there are good people who cares for others, and who has taken their situation seriously,
and payed all the necessary cost involved.

Thank you!

19.11.2013 by Sveta

Fourteen year old mother


Photo: Sveta Oschadhuk

Today, I visited the “our” 14-year-old mother. Zhenya manages the child well, and have a positive attitude towards life. She writes down each incident of the life of his son. This is cool! We forget … And these notes remind us the happy and joyful moments in our lives. And give us strength to live on …


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