A joyful visit to the ” Kristina School” in Sweden.


On the UN day,24 October , I  visited this school . Children of Kristina school has faithfully collected money year after year , to help children in need in Ukraine, especially in the Friends House . There were about 200 children with the teachers gathered in the big sporthall.  . It is wonderful to see all these children , many come from other parts of the world where there has been war , or still is war. There are also a few children from the Ukraine there. We spoke a little Russian to each other afterwards.

No matter what color or where they come from , they have together with the Swedish children who also are there of course , one goal. One  Heart . To help other children who are suffering. After I finnished my speach, they came to me and gave me drawings , booklets , envelopes with money collected from the various classes. A little baking soda can converted into a collection box was handed over formally by a boy.

Then I received many hugs, and an additional gift of a boy who cried, ” wait , Boas ”.

He came running up to me and handed a two pence coin . How wonderful to be a part of such a Heartiness .




Drawings, booklets,gifts, from the students in Kristina school


A young artist,has portrayed Mirjam and Boas. Nice.


When you become a little older , you can get a little tired sometimes, but when you experience  all the love and care they gave me today , you get new power

to move on. I am humble and grateful to these children , and to  the Kristina school, and their  staff .

I wish them all God’s richest blessing.

With tears of joy and happiness , I sat in my car and went on.

Boas Adolphi


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