Her mother suffers from cancer. Due to all forces the mother  fights with this disease wants to live , not only for herself , but for the sake of her daughter.

“What shall my daughter eat? How shall we survive?”

Even the word – cancer i so loaded. So much fear, suffering and everyday problems.  In Ukraine this means also financial problems.  You need to pay for everything. That means everything -= surgical gloves, needles, medicine … you name it. What can you do when you are  a  widow with a teenage girl. The money is enough to buy a buss ticket to the hospital.



Here is how you can help

Marina already had two chemical treatments and a surgery. Everything has gone well. Right now she needs 3 more chemical treatments. One treatment costs 16o USD. She needs 3×160 = 480 USD or 120 €. 120€x3 = 360€.

Can we with jointed efforts help this family. She herself has no money to continue.

Svetlana Oschadchuk


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