“I have never seen the sea,” whispered a girl quietly.

On Monday, she – together with 24 other children started their journey to summer camp in Black Sea. They waited a long time for this day, and with exitment they left to reach new fine memories for their lives.



Many things to wonder. The big city Kyiv, Mac Donalds, Train station and the big train.


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After a night in train. The children threw their bags into their rooms and quickly run to see how the sea looks like. It’s difficult to even try to mediate the children’s joy.

Aljona’s greeting from summer campI like to gather shells because it’s fun and they will give me memories of the sea.

I fell in love with the sea. Here is a disco and I like the leaders. I like everything. To all of you, greetings from the sea. Nastya.

The second day of summer camp there was a talant hunt. Our group of children performed so well that they got a standing ovations. I was so proud of them. Katya Voloshin.

Children have no time to grief at the summer camp. Yesterday evening we had a vista “The best fairy-tale”. It was a great show and we had a lot of fun.



Hi, I am Alyosha, I really like the sea. When I look at it – it seems that there is no beach and the sea is so big. Everything is well here, but I still miss my mom. Alyosha 9 years

Thank You everybody who provided the summer camp for the children. They are really enjoying them selves. Eating hot meal 3 times a day. They enjoy the sea.


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