A Concert with music, joy and love!

Vitja Mirjam and I, where invited to a concert in Kiev.

The Orchestra came from Holland .

They were members of Jostiband, a Dutch orchestra whose members have various mental disabilities, including Down syndrome.

Jostiband was founded in 1966 and consists of 170 musicians. This is the first time that 35 of the band’s members came to Ukraine to perform on Jan. 29 in Kyiv’s October (Zhovtnevyi) Palace.


Vitja enjoys the Concert.

The Concert hall was packed with people.

It was a wonderful experience to listen and see what encouragement can do with people.

“We do feel all the welcoming warmth here,” said Lyan Verburg, the orchestra’s conductor, during a news conference on Jan. 28. “But this is not only about music, it’s more to show others that people with big problems also have big possibilities,” she explained.

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 Jostiband Orchestra in Kyiv


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