Team meeting – with new features!


Photo. Boas Adolphi

Despite the snow on the roads, Kiev and Piski team  where able to have a our planned team meeting in Piski (80 km  from Kiev). Here in Piski in wintertime , you can not always count that the roads are cleared from snow, so you can get to the job in time, but this time the roads where ok, so the bus  from Kiev arrived finally.

The biggest change for you who read this blog is that the whole team will be blogging. There will be short but interesting blog posts, which reflects the work in Ukraine.

We hope that it will be interesting for you to read about some different things. We start on Monday 14nde January.


Today, the Piski team went to the bazar to by food and clothes for the gift packages we are handing out to families  They have a little more money on the “warm winter,” so we take the opportunity to congratulate the kids on Monday, January 14, celebrating the ancient New Year.   Next Friday, we will post pictures and results of collections.

Thank you all who donated money to these gift packages,

A question to you who are reading. Is it something you are missing on the blog?

Have a good day



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