Challenges in life!

Life in Ukraine is tough. The income gap is large.

There are those who have millions, but the average Ukrainian have to work hard

Many people have two or more extra jobs to make the economy work.

Do you need surgery, you must have money to pay all the costs.

A friend brought her child to the hospital for surgery  of the appendicitis.

They demanded payment at once, it will cost  1.200 Dollar they told . She did not have the money before after a week she said

Then there will be no surgery, they said. They just gave  the child an anesthetic injection and told the mother  to go home with the child.

Come back when you have enough money, they said. What if the appendicitis cracks at home!?

I am grateful to God that we have it so good healthcare in Sweden.

Sometimes we complain for nothing in our countries.



Photo Boas Adolphi


A girl dressed in traditional  Ukrainian clothes, together with her mother, on the streets of Kiev.  Playing her violin hoping that people that pass by, will give some money,

so they can by the most necessary.


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