Surrounded by snow!

_MG_7503snow Photo: Mirjam Adolphi

There are they who enjoy the snow. For them snow is not a problem, it gives more a possibility to have fun. As a long corridor, the snow has built up high walls on both sides of the roads, and in front of us the wind has made big waves of snow on the road. Our  staff that should  come to work in  “Friends’ House” today , had to turn back. No one can come into the village and no one can get out. Everything named hurry – not available right now. Viktor called and offered to come by skies, but we told him to stay at home, and hopefully the roads are cleared tomorrow. What a faithful servant, ready to come on skies! Last year he actually came on skies. He lives 10 km from Piski. The last 400 meter he walked and crawled in deep snow.   Christmas gifts They where supposed to be given out today to children in the village, but for obvious reasons we canceled it today. It’s a new day tomorrow. There is still time to donate to Christmas gifts For 35 USD, we fill a box with  food, hygiene articles and toys. Please use Paypal We wish you a nice winter day Text Mirjam   divider


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