Moshe & Schlomo

A businessman dressed in a nice suit, saw a beggar on the street. The beggar was also dressed in suit and tie.

“Can you help a poor man, give some money for food ”

The businessman looks at the poor beggar close to them and he looks at the beggar who stands before him, and laughs:

“You think I’m going to give you money when you are dressed so fine, look there.” I rather give the money to that poor man there, he says, pointing to a beggar which is very poor clothed and with a suffering look. ”

“You do not understand noting about the business,” says the businessman and goes to the poor beggar. Demonstratively he gives money to the poor beggar just to give a lesson and to show to the other beggar how to look in order to get money. ”

The businessman is happy with his “teaching” and continues laughing his way from the beggars, and then he hears:

“Moshe, how much did we get?” asks the nicely clothes beggar, Schlomo. Did you hear what he said, that I don’t understand business. The beggars go away and laugh together.


“Why there are poor people?” asked a Rabbi his disciples. I also thought about this question and came up with many different answers.

-We are created in God’s image and customs inherited from his character. We can be Jesus’ feet and arms here on earth.
-It is right and fair to help.

Rabbi’s answer to the disciples surprised me: “The poor people are there – for your sake, that you can show mercy.”

Rabbi’s response got me thinking. It seems almost inconceivable that there are poor people so that I get the chance to express compassion. They are my chance to to show compassion and mercy. There is an important idea in his reply.

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof;

the world, and they that dwell therein. Ps.24:1


DO YOU WANT TO SHARE CHRISTMAS JOY – The fundraising is in progress

20 December 2012 – 10 January 2013

By inserting 250 SEK at the Embassy of the Children can participate. YOU can choose how many packages you want to give.

Pg 415398-7 or Bg 483-9478 ( in Sweden)

Please donate  250 SEK  to PG 415398-7  ( with in Sweden) 

Or 30 Euro – 45 USD via Children’s Embassy (Barnens Ambassad) Paypal account. The Swedish organization is a volunteer organization and they do not take any administration fee, except the bank fee.

You are welcome to buy more parcels.

It has been a hard winter, so-called “Russian winter.” The temperature is down at -20. It’s no wonder with such temperature, it’s winter. But the buildings are so poorly constructed that they do not hold the heat, and it can be 8-10 degrees indoors. The children sleep with their coats on. Because of the elections in Ukraine, there has not been enough money to pay pensions, scholarships and many have not received their salaries.

Our original idea was to give to the families christmas gifts and some food. Now we have to change that idea. There will be food parcels instead. Victor and Katya are already shopping. We will buy-in to the extent that the money for it. Distribution will start next Monday … and continues until 14th of January untill the the old new year.

New Years Eve is the big family party in Ukraine. It feels so good to know that thanks to loyal friends and donors, there are many families with children get food on the table for New Years celebration.

End the year with a good deed!

With the love of God and children



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