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Our fundraising “Warm Winter” gave 17.650 SEK , about  1.950 Euro.

It was a grate  joy for the children and their families, when they received warm winter clothes and winter shoes.

We are grateful to all  donors.

Would you like to share the joy of Christmas, with a child in Ukraine ?

Gif tparcels to poor families with children

 The situation now in Ukraine is very tuff for these families. Many of them do not have enough food, to feed the family.

Our Action now is to collect money for these food parcels.

The Action is from 20 December to 10 January 2013

These parcels can make a difference – you can help to make a difference.

Contents will be: food products, hygiene articles,,,,,and  toys.

Please donate  250 SEK  to PG 415398-7  ( with in Sweden) 

Or 30 Euro – 45 USD via our Paypal account. 

You are welcome to buy more parcels.

“This thing with Christmas presents is a constant issue. How much worth is a box of chocolates and a toothbrush? Perhaps an appreciated gift, who knows, but dont you become tired of chocolate just in time for New Year’s? The headphones break, tie goes out of fashion and perfume runs out. But it makes me happy to give a child a party. ”

Posted by Annie Isaksson, who has been volunteering at the Friends House in Ukraine.



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