What shall my child eat today?

In Kiev the Adolphi Foundation, helps widows with children. They no longer have their husband who support.

They are alone, and under a heavy economic burden.

_MG_8332Slavikstaden på berget

Instead of being able to give more of their time to their children, time to socialize, time to do something together – they will have to find an extra job just to earn extra in order to provide food for their children. For most, the biggest problem right now – to get food and vitamins. The children are often sick.

During this week, I visited a family where the mother had just been to the store and when she came home, she left the bag on the chair in the kitchen.

We talked and the time went. She suggested some tea. When we got to the kitchen, she saw the house dogs had taken the sausages and started chewing on the bread.

I thought of this mother, how she feels when she goes to the store. It turned out that everything she had bought was 2 barbecue sausages, half a loaf of bread, 1 liter of milk and a banana. The woman was devastated and started crying: “What will my child eat today?”

It’s valuable to be able to help these widows. Thank you for your support.

written by
Svetlana Kachalovskaja
Adophi Foundation, Kyiv

Adophi Foundation, Kiev


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