“Action Warm Winter”


Photo: Stuart Holden

Now we have our action “Warm Winter”

 With 50 Euro or 60 USD, you can help a child to get warm clothes and shoes.

We have 42 children from poor families in the villages, who are in need of warm winter clothes and shoes.

Winter is a hard time for these families in the villages. A wood stove is often the only heating source, in the house,

and the insulation of the house is very poor, so the children sleeps with all their clothes on.

In the morning the walls are often covered with ice. Cold’s infections, a running nose,,,,,,,,last very long.

The children needs also warm clothes to wear in their home.

The parents don’t have money to by warm clothes and shoes.

A long way to school is easier to walk with warm winter clothes and shoes.

 Do YOU want to help?


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