Help reaches its goal

Children of the Ujutova family at Piski school. After school we went by our car to their home.


In the picture. Viktor unloading our car.

Arriving at their home, mama Natalja where waiting for us. We brought clothes and gifts to the family.

Their faces where shining of joy, when they dressed on their new clothes.

It was a moment of joy when they shoved their joy and appreciation to us, and also to all people that cares


Viktor together with the younger boy in the family, happily showing his new truck

Earlier we helped the family to get a well, and water in to the house. They also got a washing machine.

It made off course a big difference of living. Now they can wash their clothes, dishes,,,, it is fantastic,

The girls are helping to clean up.  It is wonderful. Life is changed to the better


Friends House  Piski


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  1. Thank you for allowing me to follow you. The Swedish people are beautiful and little did I realize how much you do for Ukraine! With your permission I must open a link to you on my humble website. I think it should be on a new page reserved for the Swedes! If you have any suggestions about others I should include please let me know.
    David Cottrell, Ohio USA (Also Ukraineorphans page on facebook.)

    • Thank you David.

      Yes it’s good to co-operate with one another. We are happy to link also to your page, if you would like that.

      Mirjam Adolphi

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