A nice visit at the Kristina school in Angered, Gothenburg Sweden

Children are gathered in the big sport hall, to listen why we will tell them.  It was an early morning meeting.


An early morning bird curious on us.

210 children from preschool up to the ninth grade where gathered in the hall, 87 % of them have

immigrant background.

As soon as we arrived to the school, we had a warm welcome from the children with many hugs.

This day it was the day of United Nations and for children around the world.

The children where singing songs, we talked about UN Child convention, and children in crisis, in war………

Barnen sjöng, och uppträdde. Man pratade om barn i hela  världen, om FN:s barn konvention, barn i krig …

Normally you have a home , food, parents..but if war brakes out you may loose everything,

and you suddenly remember all the good you had.

I am your contact for this school says a proud  Antonio.

He has a reason to be proud  for his school, who during many years have collected money for our work

to help children in Ukraine.

Under flera år har barnen i Kristina skolan stöttat Barnens Ambassads arbete i Ukraina.


A big thank you to all children and teachers in this school.  You are doing a grate thing in helping children  in crisis in Ukraine.





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