On the road agin – Speaking tour in Sweden.

Finally on the road, after a big repair of our minivan. The garage made a good job,

It is like driving a new car.  Whoops!  Leaving Piski, we got a flat tire. Changed it, and headed for Kiev.

We had to stop at the spare part market  where they also fixed our tire.

This bazar is an exotic place fore care owners.  Here you can find everything.

Ok we got what we need, tire repaired and an ignition coil. (spare)

At a gas station on the road  we could see many vild puppies.  This thirsty fellow, found his well.

On the road we stopped overnight at a Motel. There was also a big wedding. According Ukrainian

tradition the celebrate it three days. This was their second day.

Time for photographing, i couldn’t resist to hang on off course.

Suddenly we saw all thees Crows- quite a scary sight. Like an old Hitchcock movie.

As we go on the scenery changes to  beautiful horses……

women watching the cows……

Evening and we are close to the border to Poland. We understood that sunday was not a good choice for border passing.

Many Ukrainian bazar businessmen go to Poland to by more goods.

We pass the border and are now in Poland.  Staying overnight  in the nearest town at hotel Trojka,

Today we continue our trip through Poland towards Sweden.  It will be nice to meet many of our friends.


Boas och Mirjams höstresa http://barnensambassad.com/2012/06/25/mirjam-och-boas-till-sverige-i-host/


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