Getting ready for school.

To get a child ready for school can cost from 200 up to 400 Euro.  In this family, there are four children going to school.

The income of the family is about 140 Euro per month.  They have saved some money during the year, but without help they

could never afford to by all things for the school start.

Thank you all who contributed!

Viola and Laila from Sweden came to buy school material and clothes, to their new godchildren.

The twins, Slavik and Sasha, soon starting first class.

Little sister Valya, still to young to begin school, which her twin brothers clearly pointed out.

Foto: Laila Palmen

Grand Granmother, Grandmother, an mama Jaana.

Foto: Bertil Stensson

We could only admire her.  She is so beautiful, in her new dress.

When you send a child to school in Ukraine, you need to buy all school material plus a uniform

The child need to be checked up by a doctor, do many tests to see that all is ok.

In some cases earlier children have died, due to heart problem adn lack off food at home.

That is why now they are doing this medical checkup before school starts.

Foto: Bertil Stensson

Foto: Bertil Stensson

Fashion show!

So beautiful!

Now only two nights then school starts.

Thank you!

29 children received backpacks and school material.

Their younger brothers and sisters got clothes brought from Sweden by Bertil, Kristina, Viola and Laila.

Do you want to support a child.  Contact Mirjam Mirjam Adolphi



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