It is a wonderfull time, summer-nice and warm.  Children from poor families are on a summer camp in Crimea. We had good reports from there.

Tanja M and Tanja J who are orphans are on a camp organized for orphans and payed by the governmant.  The camp is in the Carpathian mountains in west Ukraine

The Frog in the picture has taken a time of meditation.  It is a good idea to stop and meditate and pray.
What is the Crocodile doing there?

We have stopped at a place called Sherwood way up in the forest in Ukraine.
Robin Hood has not been seen yet, but what we see is the beautiful nature, the lake and all the birds, but also a peaceful place.

Here we we will gain new strength, after a hectic period.

Have a nice weekend

Boas & Mirjam



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  1. May God bless you as you continue to live for Him. I enjoyed reading about your work.

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