Seven must,s for going on our summer-camp

First. Parents applying for a place in the summer camp.

The second . 3 days prior to summer camp, all children undergo a medical examination, this healthy safety certificate guarantees that the children do not have lice, and not having been in contact with infectious disease.

In practice this means that in the last few weeks we have been taking care of the children’s hygiene. Bought lice shampoo, soap and other things. Normally, the children wash themselves in water, but has no showers.

The third . Documents confirming all vaccinations.

The fourth.  Birth certificate.

The fifth.  Clothing and other items required for summer camp. It’s been a lot of work with this. Not all children have  clothes or swimming costumes.

The sixth.  The children who are orphans, shall give the certificate to us, so we can have their tickets for the train for free.

The seventh . Now just prepare the food for the trip.

The bus picks up the kids in Piski tomorrow and the trip begins. They go by train. For many of these children who comes from poor families, this is their  first trainride to a summer-camp, and to the SEA!

Many Thanks to “Nordisk  Östmission”, who have made this camp possible!



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