Kindergarten is open, Hurray!

The long-awaited kindergarten in Piski, has now opened the doors.

It is located in Friends House.

.We are grateful to the wifes of  the Swedish football team, with Amanda Elmander as the coordinator.

With their help we been able to by a stove, kitchen fan, carpets , toys, and many other things for the kindergarten

Photo Boas Adolphi    Artjom, Katjas son like this place. First day the mother worried about ,

how he would like the place.  After a short time he told the mother that she could leave.

I am okay here, he said.

Photo Boas Adolphi   Nice to be abel to  play with other kids.

Photo Boas Adolphi   After lunch it is so nice to take a nap. Sweet dreams…ssssssssssssssss


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  1. What a great way to start my day! God bless you and this ministry!

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