The best gift, a Calf to the family.

Photo Mirjam Adolphi   The Journey for the Calf, starts with our van to the new home.

 Photo Mirjam Adolphi     It is quite scary to ravel in a van..
Photo Mirjam Adolpi  Finally the journey is over. The Calf is still afraid, but our Tanja is a good Calf psychologist.
 Photo Mirjam Adolphi
Photo Mirjam Adolphi     Tanja having fun with her friend.
Photo Mirjam Adolphi    Entering through the gate – to the new home.
Photo Mirjam Adolphi      There are many new things to check out. t children,2 dogs, geese, chickens,,,,,
Photo Mirjam Adolphi             The old dog seems to teach the calf, the roles of his territory.
Photo Mirjam Adolphi     Checking around…

Photo Mirjam Adolphi            Oksana, the mother is so grateful. We could never afford this she says.  Is it really trough that the calf stays here?

Now a new life starts.  The children can have milk.

Photo Mirjam Adolphi      Now the calf is relaxed, a new life starts.

Thank you friends for this wonderful gift, says the family



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  1. God’s Grace so evident here!

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