Children’s voice must be heard!

Every day is a holiday, somewhere someone is celebrating something.
Here in Ukraine we now have Pentacoast or Trinity as the Orthodox church call it.

Photo: Mirjam Adolphi  ( children in this picture have no connection with the text in this blog article.)

Ukraine have now payed attention to the 1 st of June, and International Children’s Day.

There are many changes going on in the Ukranian society, concerning children.

One can think that it takes long time, still,,,,changes are on its way.

The Minister for social welfare in Ukraine, Sergei Tigipko  said in a TV 1 st of June 2012, that  decisions in a child matter must never been taken without first hearing the child.

In our countries this is is normal but here this a new groundbreaking law for children in Ukraine.  We rejoice.

The President of Ukraine has authororized  Tigipko, to see that there are no more orphans living in the state institutions, “Internat”

but instead be placed in foster home, or family home.

Sergei Tigipko has often pointed out that Ukraine must leave the old sovjet system.

Yes, there are changes coming, and we are grateful to God that we can be an impact.

Allthough sometimes it is quite hard, and you feel yourself misunderstood and tired. 

Do you want to make an impact?

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With love to God and to children.
Mirjam Adolphi


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