Summer Holiday

Written by Katja who from now on wants to be called  Catherine.

Photo: Catherine   The school bell rings out the school year.

A whole school term has past again.

And everybody has become wiser……….

Last Friday you could hear the traditional the school bell ringing, meaning that Now it is summer holiday.

As usual there where many speeches by the headmaster, the teachers and other important people from the village.

They who finish the ninth class received their diplomas.

Some of them leave the Piski school and continue in vocational school etc….

But Now they all will have a nice long summer holiday.

Photo Catherine        A happy Kolja

Photo: Catherine     In the middle Jura son of Catherine

Our students in Kiev has also had their exam with good result, and is now home in Piski

They are glad to be home and ready to help in the garden

Vitja has already helped  to plant radish.

Maria has a tuff time though she needs to do many exams, not in her school, but in another city.

She has already done Ukrainan language and literature.

She is pleased with the results.  Next exam is in June- subject History.

This is a new rule  in Ukraine.  They who wants to continue in university, must first do an independent exam in another city

which in Maria’s case is in Njezhen.




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