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Katya called and cried. ” I don’t want that my mother-in-law would slaughter the calf, it’s so cute. I feel sorry for the calf. ”

I told her that right now we have enough money to buy the calf from them and donate it to a needing family. Thanks for the family support a family with 7 kids in Novyij Basan will get a calf after tomorrow.

Would you like to donate a calf ?

A calf costs about 250 -300 EURO. At the moment there are 3 more families who needs a calf. Would you like to donate a calf ?

One family is in urgent need of a cow.  Their  son was in a trafic accident. He needed to have surgery, and the family needed to sell everything they could in order to get money for the surgery and medicine.  . They had 2 cows, and  they sold one of them.  The family with 6 kids lost their income.

Would you like to help this family?

Cost of  a  cow is about 800 Euros.

Mirjam Adolphi

With love to God  

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From abroad you can also use this account nr to our bank Nordea in Sweden.

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad


SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

BIC-Code ( SWIFT-address) NDEASESS

Bank, NORDEA Sweden


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