EURO 2012- Wives of Swedish football team Helps Children’s Embassy-Friends House!

Photo  Miriam Adolphi
Article from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, edited by Boas Adolphi.
Their men must defeat Ukraine on the football arena. The wives , Amanda Elmander, Marielle Isaksson and Erica Källström,
wants yo help Ukrainian orphans, who is forgotten in the championship glory.
 When the EM is in Ukraine, it feels right to do this, says Marielle Isaksson.

The initiative is entirely their own. When the  football team and the Swedish Football Association offered the families of players and managers,

to come to the European Championships this summer to see the games and socialize, the three also like to return to the village Piski, 80 kilometers north of the capital Kiev,

where Children’s Embassy’s Friends House is located.

 The situation of children in Ukraine is unfortunately not an isolated phenomenon and I am deeply moved by the driving forces that drive the Friends House. Our goal is to improve the lives of both children and parents in the village by creating a kindergarten.Hopefully we can inspire others to also act in the charity, said Erica Kallstrom.
The initial contact with the Children’s Embassy comes via Amanda Elmander.
– I was in Ukraine, one summer when I was studying to be a nurse and was then in Friends’ house. There are few things that shakes life as much as children in need, says Amanda Elmander.In the future Euro-host Ukraine is an estimated 100 000 orphans and abandoned children, according to UNICEF and SOS Children’s Villages.
Ukraine has for years been the European country with the highest rates of HIV infection, partly because of widespread drug abuse, prostitution and human trafficking.
That’s a fact rarely mentioned in connection with the EM-party and newly built football stadia for 100’s of millions of dollars.
But the trio Elmander, Isaksson and Kallstrom take the opportunity of this big event, to help a small part of Ukraine’s most vulnerable, the abandoned children.- During the years in Europe we have all three built up a good network of contacts. So I hope and believe we will be able to get across our message, says Marielle Isaksson.

* How is the interest in contributing to your collection in football circles?

– We have been involved and contributed financially themselves. Via Facebook and cover letter, we try to reach as many people as possible. We have received very good response, all have been positive to this initiative, says Marielle Isaksson.

– We have received sponsorship for Piskis children’s football team Haver, both Adidas and Nike have been generous and will provide them with everything they need, says Amanda Elmander and continues:
– I hope the outcome will not be just some people give money to and then forget, but it remains in their consciousness and that they continue to help as best they can. I hope more kids get sponsors.
* Should also Swedish Football contribute more actively and to highlight different aspects of the countries national teams visit? – I think that everyone who can should help, but I understand that it is not always so easy. There are many questions and many who need help, says Amanda Elmander.
– I believe and hope that the Swedish Football Association are doing the best they can based on their potential, says Erica Kallstrom.
Michael Wagner

* As implemented collection
– We have it as an event on Facebook where we collect money. Regularly, we process people to get the sharing / dissemination and thus seen to give more people the opportunity to be involved and contribute. We will go out with a letter to various individuals and organizations with information and encouragement that they can be there to help, says Amanda Elmander.
In the village Piski,  Children’s Embassy ( http//: runs the children and rehabilitation home  ” FRIENDS HOUSE “

The money we receive will go to start and run a kindergarten in the village to give mothers the opportunity to come into work, support themselves and their children. But the project is also about to spread knowledge about the exact situation for many children in a country that is a few steps away from Sweden, says Amanda Elmander.Since we chose to do a fundraiser for an orphanage where I was and where I have relationships with the people who run it, we hope that my involvement gives greater credibility. 

Miriam and Boaz Adolphi and Jennifer and Carlos Ravstam that are driving forces in the organization makes us feel safe and comfortable in asking people to give money.We know they will go where they are needed, says Elmander.* How to help
Through the Swedish bank giro  Nr :  483-9478, mark it  ” Children 2012th”
You can also visit  http//    and become a sponsor for one or more children. 
The money goes to everything related to the children to do as heat, food, clothing and medical care.
C ontribute vi Paypal.  Just click on the button DONATE

From abroad you can also use this account nr to our bank Nordea in Sweden.

Children’s Embassy/ Barnens Ambassad


SE 69 9500 0099 6026 0415 3987

BIC-Code ( SWIFT-address) NDEASESS

Bank, NORDEA Sweden

Link to article in Aftonbladet

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  1. mirjam. i’m not much of a reader, but from what i gather, you are one of those angels that devote their own existence to improving the lot of the needy. i thank you for doing what you’re doing because it is people like you that give me hope for the world,
    alessandro 🙂

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