The spring is here, in Piski

Last night, Boas and Mirjam returned to Kiev from Piski. Actually, we would have liked to stay inPiski. Spring is a wonderful time. Storks have returned to their homes. The family home awaits new children 3 boys and 2 girls.

Suzanna is only 3 months old Siberian Wolfhound (so cute) who greatly enjoys life in the countryside along with nine children.

Old floor and windows gets the new use. Now only some paint needed. Our young artists in “Art studio” will happily take care of it.

Rhubarb is not a familiar plant to many Ukrainians.

Katja and Miriam planted flowers and dreamed of how they would make a new entrance (flowers and grapes). I promise to put the pictures when we are finished. Everything has its time. Now it’s time again to pack the bag – the trip to Finland will start tomorrow.

Have a nice day.


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