Raped, strangled and set on fire, the death of Oksana Makar,

will be in vain as long as brutalising women is normal in our country.

For two weeks ago Oksana was raped by three young men. She was strangled, beaten up,one arm cut off.

Finally they put her on fire and left her at the building yard.

She  was burning there for 10 hours, before help arrived.until the help arrived.

This happened on the 9th of March. Last week her body couldn’t coop anymore with

severe pain and damage.  The was held in her village with many people attending.

Mourning the young victim, who just became 18.

According Ukrainian tradition, Oksana was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress.

The white coffin was decorated with red roses.

Here pain is over.

The three men who performed this terrible act was taken to the police but quit soon released.

They had so called ” good connections with the authorities”

A big protest started among people in  the city Mikolaiev. The police understood that this was serius,

so they quickly changed, and now the three men are in jail waiting to be trial for murder.

Without this protest from the people, this incident would been like it never happened, and the three men had gone free.

Scaring is also the opinion among many bloggers in Ukraine, who says that her lifestyle made this, and it is he own fault.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the authoroties.

These things should never be accepted!

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