The amendment period in Ukraine

 Ukraine makes its progress in children’s issues. The governmental Boarding schools (Internat) – should be abolished and instead directs it to the children to stay with a family. What to choose,what are we to think? The struggle between reform school and the new family-based homes is hard. Currently, the boarding schools, Internat, are only occupied up to 60%.

When you see a picture of a child – you want to see something beautiful. These pictures I have created from what of I have seen and heard in the children’s stories, so many times.These images are arranged, but I must say that reality is even more cruel.

These pictures are not pretty, but it’s a beautiful thought behind it. We need a change for these children and families. What can we do ?

Mom is drunk, she has turned the child into the cabinet. She has fallen asleep. When you see the food on the floor … well, it is no exaggeration, the reality is worse.We are here in Ukraine to help children and their families.  Some authoroties says:

“It’s much easier to remove children from their families than to help the family.”

Poverty and hopelessness is screaming, but  you do not want to hear it. You do not want to see misery. We are pleased that the laws of Ukraine is changing for the better.Yes, much better, although there is still a long way to go! There is talk now also about children’s rights. Ukraine will have their first child police. Last fall, Ukraine got a new post to the president administration. Now we have a minister who are the Children’s Ombudsman.
In a statement  the premier minister made in an interview he says :
Ten procent of the children who finished their exams in a governmental boarding school(Internat), are thinking of suicide

Changes at Friend’s House

“Friends’ house” is now a family home. We are glad that the kids have a mom and dad.Sergeij and Natasha, who along with their three children live in Friends’ houses. The other wing of the house is a resource center for children and poor families in the villages. We do our best to help poor children in the villages.  Bringing food, clothes, and other vital things, so they can stay in their homes, and not being taken to boarding schools, due to poverty.

We must get rid of the Boarding schools- Internat!

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, who is also Minister of Social, Sergeij Tigipko emerges in his appearance in a TV program, the children no longer have to end up instate institutions. Education centers are an old phenomenon that one is trying to avoid.Instead, the campaign targets now that families should be helped so that children can stay in their homes. If they can not, you have to find alternative solutions to reform schools, says  Tigipko.

 Here are his priority list:
  1. Biological famlily
  2. Adoption
  3. Foster family
  4. Guardianship
  5. Familyhomes.

If none of these are  possible first then, remains Boarding school, says Sergeij Tigipko.

Thank you for being with and join us in changing and affecting the lives of children in Ukraine.
Mirjam Adolphi
Translation, Boas Adolphi



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