A Cry in the night!

A kitten crying outside in the night. it just sounds desperate. I wonder how many people who wakes up, of that  of that cry ??

We humans are different. We keep everything inside, do not scream, but the pain is hiding deep inside our body.

Xxxx a teenage girl will have a surgery today. It’s tonsils in the throat that has been standing for countless colds not taken care of.

She has frequent headaches, blood pressure ranges from the low to the high and she is just shaking. She has a reasson.

Memories pops up and usually just at night, like a film.

Dad beat mom. The kids try to be quiet, they are terrified they are trying not to hear everything.

Now children, they are three. Now run,run fast, says mom. No you can not put clothes on, we have to run now!

They run out of the night and try to be quiet.

One time she did not run. Mom and her siblings were already there, and when her father came with his knife.

Good thing she did not lose her eye. The scar remains.

Her mother met another man. She was in love, and vodka and that what calls love,made her blind from the reality.

It did not help that the children were screaming to their mother. Please, take us with you!

The children ran after the car and soon  mother was gone.

After that day her father hated his children. They were walking in the village and beg for food for themselves.

Several times they had to run and hide.

Then came the day when they could not cope anymore. They had decided to leave home.

The children came to the Friends’ House, it was the village chairman himself who took the children there.

After living there about 4 years news came that their mother is dead.  Mother is dead !

They continued to learn to live. Their father lost the parental rights to all his children.

The children continue to pray for their dad. They visit him to see if he would need something?!

It was a Saturday and she visited her father. The visit was brief.

Her father had just been rescued after he had tried to hang himself. The rope remained and marks on his neck ,

and his hands had scars from the rope.

He had celebrated his birthday during three long days, and after it was Women’s Day.

You have to stick to traditions – otherwise it is not true!

So he drank to the women’s honor. The woman with whom he is linked to, saved him and alerted the neighbors to help to take off the rope around his neck.

In that moment, his daughter came !

It is no wonder that she has a headache, the blood pressure goes up and down that her heart aches.

It is night and it is quiet. Today she will have surgery. I will be there with her and for her.

I wonder how many mothers and children running tonight and try to be quiet, so they can not be found.

Soon it will be morning,  a new day. There appears to be good day today,

anyway, I would scream like the kitten out at night.

Written by Mirjam Adolphi.


He sent his word and made them well, and kept them safe from the underworld.

Psalm 107:20


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  1. Oh Mirjam, we bless you and we bless Friends’ House. We pray for those to whom you minister. Thank you for this wake up letter and call to action. The Lord is our strength and our shield.

  2. my manuscript began with those same words……or similar…

    all good thoughts to you bringing goodness and warmth to ukraine..

    all my best….

    jan attard

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