Hello from a Cold Ukraine


Many of you probably wonder where we been.  Nothing has happened on the blog for some time.

Don’t worry, we are still here, although the bitter cold has slowed down our speed.

Exept the cold, everything is well with us and the children, and also with Sergei and Natasha, the new family that moved in.

It has been a time to getting used to the new situation, and you know it is only to the better for all of us.

Friends House is full of life.

Yes it has been extremely cold in Ukraine.  Many people died due to bad heating system, houses poorly insulated, etc…………

The concrete walls are cold as ice blocks in many houses.

In Friends House we had to add many electrical heaters to keep the house warm.  This also raise the

electrical bill about 40 %  Instead of normally  500 Euro  it will for the cold period be about 700 Euro.

We are happy to receive  donations to help the electrical bill.

You can donate via Paypal 

Pg: 415398-7

Bg: 483-9478

 A balcony in Kiev.


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  1. Good luck with this important work!

  2. thank you for the work you do…..

    jan attard

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