Today we are delivering gift parcels at Piski school today.

  • 19th of December ST Nicolaus day, children are expecting to get gifts.
  • 20th of December many Jewish people in Ukraine are celebrating Hannukah 20 -28.12.2011
  • 24th of December Christmas eve, according the Gregorian calender
  • 26th of December, school holiday starts
  • 31st of December New Year celebration, children get presents
  • 1 January New years day
  • 2 January New years holiday
  • 6 January Orthodox Christmas eve
  • 7th of January Orthodox Christmas according the Julianic calender
  • 14 of January the old new year. This is also called generous evening .

So, we wish good holiday evenings to you – Rejoice!

We continue to deliver gift parcels

One small parcel can make a major difference – you can make a big difference. By donating EUR 25 before 15 January 2012 you can secure a child or a family in need gets a parcel with food, toys and sanitary products.


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