Season changes, and other changes!

Autum is here

Nature is dressed in that colorful costume .  It is a piece of art looking att all different colors.

Our children has already started a new term in our village school.  Tanja M and Vitja started their second year  in the vocational school in Kiev.  Tanja J have just started her first year in the same  school.

We rejoice when we see the success our children have in school, and in their personal life.


That joy is however disturbed by news from a another village in our county.

Two small children 3-4 years old, was cruely by their alcoholic  parents, throw their small children in their deep well, put the lit on so no one could hear the screaming children.

The whole village is mourning.

What to say??

There are NO words!




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  1. How incredibly sad! Did the children survive? Which village did this happen? Please share some follow up articles.

    • Thanks for your comment. As a follow up, all the different village administrations are now following closely the families in risk.

      We still don’t know if the director of the social services is heading for 15 years in prison.

      • We pray for the freedom of the children from physical danger, and more pressing comfort and peace from our Lord for emotional, spiritual pains. This will be a long process for these little ones, and we pray that whoever God directs to be their guardian will be strong in faith and quick to minister love and compassion of Jesus. And endurance for the care givers. This will be a long road, but with God all things are possible.

        For those who allowed this to happen, and for those who did this terrible deed. Millstone necklace.

      • Thank you for your prayers.

        We also wish you God’s blessing and guidance in your good work in Ukraine.

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