A piece of bread, dirty hands, signs of tears and a phone

This a  real  life for many children and families, we just don’t see it or don’t want to see it. But if you see it and don’t do anything , then you are part of it!


As the snow flies

On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’

A poor little baby child is born

In the ghetto

And his mama cries

’cause if there’s one thing that she don’t need

it’s another hungry mouth to feed

In the ghetto



People, don’t you understand

the child needs a helping hand

or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day


These words of Elvis Presley’s song inspired me to do slide presentation for TV Inter, Ukraine.  The TV were broadcasted  yesterday evening. I had a makeup so even our staff had difficult to  recognize me, but our children thinks  that I was really cool. The words and the feelings was not make up, it was the real life situations we all talked about.  It was too much to say and too little time to hear all.  We need many, many more programs to open up the life situations of hidden ones in the society.

We met young people, who has nowhere to live. Their  rights are violated, somebody has sold their part of the land, during the time they have been in governmental  institutions. When the children are 18 years old they have nowhere to return.  Vanya was the hero of the program.  He has been living in the Governmental  Internat. After Internat he was sent to a college he had no wish to go and at last he got a job he don’t like and has not  chosen.  He is helping other young people as himself and took some of them with him to the studio. The hero of the program said:


“I want to forget the word ” Internat”



There are children who never experienced love! 

I felt during the  program , behind my nice makeup, that  I just  wanted  to run up  to these  15-17 years  children who  doesn’t have  anything , who  has  nowhere to love- who has nobody  …

I spoke about  the children, who are living in terrible home situation. What can we do for them?  There will be a follow up to this program, what we can do to help these children.  I have suggested that  charity organizations working in Ukraine, should participate and the main point should be- to see the world like children see it.

Right now I am working on the slide presentation, made by the team.  I am trying to convert to an format you can see and hear it on youtube.


With love to God and children









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  1. use the program “any video converter”. it is a free download. A must have for anyone with an active online presence! Looking forward to the presentation! Blessings…

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