If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.
– Walt Disney

Sveta is on this picture taken about 10 years ago, when she was living on the street. Everything is different now, she is married, she has daughter and she has a job. For all these years she had support from one family who lives in Sweden.

I remember the day when Sveta 15 years called:

-” It’s a girl. I have been looking at her the whole night, she has so beautiful toes and fingers. Her nails are so beautifully formed.”

1st of September this little girl – Valerija started in 1st class in school. It is a celebration for the mother, who had never ever chance to go to school. It’s also a big day for us. We want to thank you, who have made this possible.

Support a child- it’s worth it

Would you like to help an orphan child? 

  • Become an Haver, Children’s Embassy friend with a regular / Monthly / Annual Donation –
  • you can designate your Sponsorhip to an orphan child – and with your help a child gets a change to go to school.
  • or you can designate your gift to Friends House / family home for orphan children.




Any questions? Please contact Mirjam


Mirjam Adolphi
With love to God and to children


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  1. My wife’s name is Valeriia! This is a wonderful story. Bless you.

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