Yet another obstacle overcome.

Dear friends, The Children’s Rights Comissariat, Yurij Pavlenko, mandated by the President of Ukraine, has put a stop to Bobrovitsa County’s plans to remove the children from “Friends house” and replace them into the state orphanage.

August 19, 2011, The Children’s Rights Commissariat, Pavlenko met together with Ljudmila Volonets and the representatives of Chernigov Province-, Bobrovits County-, Haver- Friends house representatives. In the meeting Pavlenko announce that “The County of Bobrovitsa has not acted according to the rights of the children”. This case has now been brought into conclusion for the benefit of the children!  Children from “Friends house” will stay in their home. In essence, the children are now under the protection of President of Ukraine. The Bobrovitsa County must agree to this officially within a period of three months.

On August 11, 2011 a new government level position created – a Childrens’ Rights Commissariat. We are very glad that there now is a person and an office in Ukraine to whom we can turn to in the matters regarding the childrens’ rights.

The above events bring to the conclusion the preceding events that unfolded and brought to a point the dispute with our county officials over our “Friends house”:

  • On Aug 17th 2011 the County of Bobrovitsa had planned to remove our children. Yet they had no legal right to do so. On that day many supporters arrived to “Friends house”: friends, newspaper- and TV reporters as well as two lawyers.
  • The children were prepared for the occasion and they were informed of their rights by us. None had packed their bags nor were willing to leave “Friends house” for the State orphanage, as demanded by the county. Yet we appeared helpless.
  • As we were waiting for the bus to come and collect the children, I received a personal telephone call from The Children’s Rights Comissariat, Yurij Pavlenko. He had just learned from the reporters and news media what was happening. Mr.Pavlenko immediately ordered the bussing plan to stop as well as cessation of all actions by the county against our children.

To put this into perspective, one should note that last fall 2010 there was a complete overhaul in the governing body of the Bobrovitsa County. Ever since that change in covernance. “Friends house” has had difficulties with the local authorities who plan to prevent our work including all kinds of new inspections that were created etc etc.. Yet not one valid reason has been found to close up “Friends house”.

One of the County’s latest try was to target the rules of our organization. However, we rewrote the rules taking into consideration any and all new laws which had taken effect since the foundation of our “Friends house”.  And, to be sure, we had the Ministry of Children, Youths and Sports to read and approve our rules. We received a written notice from the Ministry underlining that all our operating rules were in accordance with the Ukranian law.

However, the County of Bobrovitsa would not even receive our new rules, but instead informed us that such a home as “Friends house” is not needed. In other words, the matter was not a question about the rules but in fact about something totally different!

From a legal point of view, it should be noted that in 2003 we were granted a building for a period of 49 years to be used as childrens’ home, free of charge. This building had actually previously been an kinder-garden, but when we received it, it was in a wholly delapidated state. With the help of many supporters we have upgraded this building into a well -functioning home. Our rental agreement states that the County must return our investments should they break the agreement. Thus it seems that the present officials might have thought that forcefully stopping our operations was their only way to get rid of us.

We wish to thank Mr. Pavlenko and Mrs. Volonets. We thank  you for praying. Thank you  all our friends who came and the press for their help.

Press: FAKTI


Kyiv post (russian)>

I (Miriam) have been invited to participate on InterChannels TV program on September 10. 2011. I will let you know as soon as I know when it will be aired.
I am also scheduled to meet again with Pavlenko in early September.

Photo: Sergey Lavrenchuk

With love to God and children

Mirjam Adolphi


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  1. Oh this is such a wonderful way to start my day! This is the first blog I have read and I am so excited for you all! You organization is an inspiration to all of us working with the Children in Ukraine. I know that God has such wonderful plans ahead! God bless you Children from “Friends house” and staff! May God make His face to shine upon you always!

    • Through all these problems we have been experiencing God’s care and His instructions. We have gathered strength and now we can share our our experiences with others who might need help. Have a wonderful day!

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